Monday, February 09, 2009

I've not stopped writing, but...

... no, no, no, I've not stopped writing, I've just not been able to post all the stuff here lately!

Every month, there is a new radio column on the Channel 1 of the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company YLE, and the text is posted on the website after the broadcast. In Finnish, sure. The most recent one was about the New Green Deal and other New Deals, and the one before that was about Robert Mugabe, based on the book "Dinner with Mugabe".

There were also a number of presentations that I've made in different conferences and seminars in the recent months (Climate conference in Poznan, sustainable building seminar in Delhi, lecture at the Architects' Association in Oslo, and so on).

Last but not least, I've finally, finally finished writing and editing and re-editing and correcting my thesis, CITIES FOR SALE, which I'll defend at the Helsinki University of Technology Friday 13 March.